Whatever the situation, reason or season I offer my artistic services to capture creative portraits of you, with your honey or your whole crew. Perhaps we document the everyday life, a celebration, family vacation, something to spark inspiration, a love union or re-union. Should you have a bit of wild woman in you, or like flowers and fashion like I do, I have a special session just for you. Whew... I could of add a few more areas of interests on, but I will leave you with one; I love humans and with my insatiable curiosity, I enjoy good conversations with all likes and minds. How can my creativity be of service to you?



I like to think of myself as more of an artist rather than photographer. The creative vision, preparation, human connection, artists eye combined with technical execution and post production creative touch all contribute to the creation of a fine art photography collection. Your life is a masterpiece worthy of being documented and preserved in an artful way by COMMISSIONING A CUSTOM PHOTO SESSION tailored just for you and your needs. This is a great way to combine my creativity and yours. What would you like to memorialize? Where are you at in your life? Ask your heart then . . .

. . . let's make art!

Not sure what you want or where to go? Book the SIGNATURE SESSION and just go with the flow. A relaxed, no pressure session with me that gives everyone enough time to be themselves, enjoy where they are and whom they are with. A Signature session usually involves going to a natural location or comfortable environment to fit you. Expect to spend two to three hours with me while we chat, chase after the setting sun, explore and have fun.

If a shorter SIMPLICITY SESSION works better for you, that's OK too! Sometimes an hour or so is all you need to capture the importance of family, milestones, and summer vacation memories!

All sessions include a variety of professional prints, products and digital files. The combination depending on collection selected. Sessions are gently directed with an emphasis on the emotive and casual moments, with gently led poses to capture a well rounded portrait story. Images are culled with heart and finely hand edited to represent the feeling and flow of your unique expression. The amount of finished images in your gallery and length of editing time greatly depends on the project at hand. Upon completion, an online gallery will be made available to you to choose your favorite memories for professional prints, products and downloads. Post session purchase support is available in-person, or at your leisure online. Help is always available to ensure you choose the best way to honor, archive and display your one of kind art for decades and centuries to come. Your investment will include time to chat in person, over the phone, via e-mails or other avenues to nurture and plan the most optimum photographic vision and completion.

Reach out to me today to creatively capture your new beginning, becoming, and blossoming.