Artist, lover of life, soul searcher, open minded thinker, dreamer, and believer in love and light.

A native Eastern Washingtonian and long time resident of Lake Chelan. I am most known as a portraiture artist, skilled with both pencil and lens. I am currently offering photography sessions honoring the individual, your family connections, and love in all forms.

I am most in my element when sessions take place in a natural location, blessed with a golden glow, and a light breeze. I am most comfortable when surrounded by trees, bees and wifi free with sun on my shoulders and nothing but earth beneath. If the woods are not your thing, lets meet closer to town, on the beach, at a winery or even at your own home and property.

Sessions are very limited, custom designed and treated as a valuable work of art to be appreciated for generations. I was born to create, paint, sculpt, design and pontificate. I majored in Fine Art at Northwest College of Art and began my career in the Chelan Valley as a commissioned graphite pencil portraiture artist, creating highly detailed drawings of peoples loved ones. With the desire to create original works from my own artistic eye, I set aside the pencil for several years and immersed myself in the world of photography. For a decade now I've enjoyed being one of Chelan's most sought after artists, capturing the individuality of our local graduates, vacationers from afar, and the connection of families and lovers in nature.

I'm not always readily accessible as I enjoy as much time as possible in the woods creating while internet and cell phone free, so please be patient with me!

I would love to learn about you! Stay in touch to see what other endeavors pour forth from my fingers in the coming years.